​​Tall Oaks is much more than a traditional kennel... Our number one goal is to give your special friend the attention they deserve. We spend quality time with each dog, shaping behavior when needed and supporting their growth in the best way possible.

Tall Oaks is among the first to offer social dog boarding in Eugene, Oregon. Our doggie guests receive hands-on attention in a natural environment. Unlike traditional kennels, our guests will socialize with the pack. Guests are grouped and handled as SMALL DOGS or LARGE DOGS depending on size and temperament.​​

Heather Parr has a unique approach that is informed by years of research and experience. It is her primary concern that your dog feel loved and cherished even when you are not able to be with them. Heather is also an experienced dog handler with an extensive background in animal care. Her research in canid development includes special training in pack behavior for dogs, wolves, and coyotes.​​